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Online Map Creation (OMC) using The Generic Mapping Tools (GMT), software package developed by Paul Wessel (Univ. Hawaii at Manoa) and Walter H.F. Smith (NOAA). To make a map of any region of the globe, click here.

Global hydrological database developed by WWF's Conservation Science Program that will allow scientists to create digital river and watershed maps. See also: http://hydrosheds.cr.usgs.gov/

SRTM 90m Digital Elevation Data
Digital elevation data for the entire world provided by CGIAR-CSI GeoPortal. Visual grid download site available at: http://srtm.csi.cgiar.org/SELECTION/inputCoord.asp

Primary Types Imagebase (California Academy of Sciences, Ichthyology)
Catalog of Fishes (search) (William N. Eschmeyer, et al. - California Academy of Sciences)

The NEODAT Project
- Inter-Institutional Database of Fish Biodiversity and related resources

PRONEX project (currently coordinated by Naércio A. Menezes, MZUSP ). Searchable database with 143,000 collection records (over 1 million specimens) from 5 Ichthyological collections in Brazil. About 53% of the 37,825 locality records have been georeferenced, allowing users to produce distribution maps of their queries.

Standard lists (ISO 3166) of country names
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    French     HTML, 60 KB        TXT, semicolon delimited, 5 KB
    XML, zipped files, 3 KB

Standards maintained by International Organization for Standardization and recommended for use by The Darwin Core

© The Morphobank Project, 2004

MorphoBank is an initiative supported by the National Science Foundation designed to use the web to manage comparative anatomical data for scientific research and education.

Catfish-related Websites (Taxonomy & Systematics)

Siluriformes (portal webpage by Griffin Sheehy to websites on various catfish families)

portal webpage by Griffin Sheehy to websites on various catfish families
DeepFin Project:
phylogeny of all fishes
©2003 The DeepFin Project
copyright © 2001 David Maddison & Wayne Maddison
by John P. Friel
by Roberto E. Reis

Atlas of skeletal anatomy of pimelodid catfishes (website by John G. Lundberg & Mike W. Littmann)

Loricariidae (website by Jon W. Armbruster)

"Chiapas" catfish (by Dean A. Hendrickson)

Prietella lundbergi (CT scan movies by U. Texas)

Catfish Websites (Aquarist Related)

Aquarium mating of Clarias batrachus: reports and beautiful images prepared by Wolfgang Ros (http://www.catfish-and-more.com)
and published in 2 separate DATZ-articles: DATZ 7/2004 (summary) and DATZ 4/2006 (full article);
see also Scotcat website article by Wolfgang on "Pair behavior"

planetcatfish (Copyright © 2002 www.planetcatfish.com. All Rights Reserved)
Scotcat (Aquarist site by Allan James)

PlecoFanatics.com (Community of loricariid and catfish enthusiasts. Copyright © 2003-2004 PlecoFanatics.com. All Rights Reserved.)

Catfish Websites (Angling & Retail)

Catfish Heaven (angling & related site, © Page Design by Donnie Ponder 1999-2003)
Carp and Cat Bussters Website (angling site by Jo, Ron and Stephen Buss)
Fishing Adventures Thailand (angling site by Jean-Francois Helias © 2002-03 Fishing Adventures (Thailand) Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved)
Fish Siam (angling/guided tour site managed by Rick Humphreys © 2008 FishSiam Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved)
Fishing Trip Store (premium gear & tackle retail, © 2004 Fishing Trip Store, All Rights Reserved)

Hooked on Catfish (angling site by Tim Lange © 1998-2002 - note: graphics intensive)
Kat Masters Catfishing Club (angling & related site, © Katmasters.com)
Silurus glanis - Wels Catfish (angling site, © Xavier Vella)
United States Catfish Anglers Tournament Series (© 2001 Bigfishtackle)
World Wide Catfish Anglers Tournament Series (© 2002 W.W.C.A.T.S., L.L.C.  All Rights Reserved)

Societies & Organizations

American Society of Ichthyology & Herpetology
Neotropical Ichthyological Association
PRONEX: Conhecimento, Conservação e Utilização Racional da Diversidade da Fauna de Peixes do Brasil


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